Ultimate Faith Bible College is a Ministerial Program for men and women who are called to, or are currently serving in one of the five-fold ministry offices (as outlined in Ephesians 4:11-12)), providing
Ministers and Missionaries to walk by faith while preparing them to build a supernatural, excellent ministry full of signs, miracles, and wonders.

We have a team of experienced and anointed Ministers that operate in Kingdom principles, and will teach you how do so also. Excellent leadership and guidance will be the catapult to making sure that you grow in God while you navigate through our courses. We commit to lead, train, lead, help and disciple you through obtaining
a victorious life in Christ!

Dr. George A. Guilford

Thank you for  your interest in Ultimate Faith Bible College

We are honored to prepare you for your calling in life, to advance the Kingdom of God through your knowledge of Him. Your interest shows that you desire a Bible-based education to further your Christian life experiences. The school was founded to be a vessel to instruct Christians to live a biblical, spirit -led life. We will provide anointed understanding and training that will help and lead you to apply God's Word to your everyday life.

Our various curriculum will give you the opportunity and anointing to:

- Learn about living a Christ centered life based on the Word of God,

-Obtain a better Biblical relationship with God and with others,

-Receive Biblical training to do the work of ministry.

With this combination, I believe our students will be able to be an effective member of the Body of Christ. It will give students a sense of accomplishment, knowing that they are capable of becoming an effective Minister  of The Gospel, spiritually and academically.

In closing, my charge is for "Everyone To Get It". If you feel that you have been called to ministry, or even if you just want to get a better knowledge and understanding of God's Word,  for personal or professional reasons, please prayerfully consider enrolling in Ultimate Faith Bible College for a God-Breathed experience that will provide you with a successful walk with the Lord, benefitting you and all of those who you come in contact with.

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